Hitchhiker's Guide movie

Yesterday I was lucky enough to attend a screening of the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy movie thanks to Preloaded having worked with Nick and Garth before and being involved in some of the online promotional material.

So, with possible biases owned up to, I’d just like to say it’s fantastic. The script is sharp and funny, the plot and direction pacey, the performances from the cast excellent. There’s definitely one slating review of it floating around the web at the moment which in my opinion isn’t even worth reading. It’s the picky obsessiveness of the comic book guy from the Simpsons and shows absolutely no understanding of the processes involved in getting a story to celuloid. There’s plenty of other reviews starting to appear which are much more on the mark, two of particular note coming from a couple of guys that have worked with Douglas Adams, Sean Soll and Tim Browse.

Fans of the books and radio series will go see the movie regardless of what the reviews are saying and I’m pretty confident the vast majority of them will love it.