Typinator vs TextExpander

Quick fight out between two applications that do essentially the same thing, which is expand text snippets to become something else:

Round 1 - Does it do what it’s supposed to do? I bought TextExpander to do one thing, correct my typos. I have a chronic habit of typing semicolons where there should be apostrophes. Words like “don;t” and “can;t”. I set this up in TextExpander, set off writing an email and it failed to catch a single one of my typos. I tried several other triggers all of which worked, but the very task I’d bought it for it failed dismally. I emailed support at the inappropriately named Smile on my Mac and never heard back from them. Result: no

Typinator came free with a MacHeist promotion and has a predefined bundle of common typos which included most of my semicolon related ones. I enabled this bundle and can now blissfully hammer my keyboard with my sausage fingers safe in the knowledge that my typos get caught. Result: yes

Verdict: Typinator wins with a knockout in the opening seconds of round 1. TextExpander is left bleeding on the floor wondering what could have been and I want my money back for the lack of fight it showed.