Google Glass

Glass, powered by Android


You wake up, put on your Google Glass and look out the window. 
Some graphics pop up showing today's weather. 
An alert pops up over the top... 

[in vision gfx]"Weather has unexpectedly quit, would you like to 
restart weather?"

You walk to the kitchen and pick up a box of Frosties.

[ivg] "Click here to meet lonely cougars in your area", 
"It looks like you're having breakfast, best deals on BREAKFAST 
at Amazon now!" 

You swipe away the messages by waving your arms and open the 
fridge door.

[ivg]"You need permission to access to this Google Fridge. 
You can request access from the owner or choose a different 

An alert pops over the top.

[ivg]"Android Glass has encountered a problem and needs to quit."

You wait for your glasses to reboot.

[ivg] "Incoming message"

 A face pops up in your vision with a message in a speech bubble

[ivg] "Hey dude, let's hit the town tonight, just been paid so I 
got piles of cash."

An alert pops up next to the message 

[ivg] "Save $$$ on haemorrhoid cream!"

An alert pops up over the message and advert 

[ivg] "Flash Player has encountered a problem and needs to close"

And another

[ivg] "Memory running low, open the task manager to quit some 
of the running processes"

You wave your arms frantically.


You're walking up the street. A stranger approaches and starts 
following beside you.
        Hey, I heard you've got piles. I can help you with that. 
        For just $3.99 you can get some off the finest haemorrhoid 
        cream known to man.
        Leave me alone, I don't have piles.
        Well, how about some Frosties, I've also heard you like Frosties. 
        I can get you great deals on cereals of all kinds. People who 
        like Frosties also like milk.
        Look, leave me alone. I don't need any breakfast cereal. Stop 
        following me.
As the stranger continues to follow you up the street, more strangers
join. A notice appears over the head of one of them.

[ivg] "Sponsored stranger"

                        STRANGER 2
        Do you want to date a granny?
A notice appears over the head of another of the strangers.

[ivg] "Google preferred partner"

                        STRANGER 3
        You can meet and date other haemorrhoid sufferers in your area.
                        YOU (shouting)
        Fuck off.