Dealing with Recruiter Spam

If you’re anything like me you probably get several unsolicited emails per day from black-hat recruitment consultants. If you’re like me you’ve probably tried lots of ways of dealing with this, from replying to them asking to be removed from their database to publicly calling them out on Twitter. None of this works though, they keep emailing you, and new ones pop up on a regular basis.

So let’s keep a collaborative list of the companies that spam us in a format ready for dropping into a Gmail filter. Let’s do it on GitHub so that anyone can add to it via pull requests, or fork it to create their own. Let’s make it impossible for these people to actually get through to any of us.

For an added bonus, add the Canned Reply feature from Gmail Labs and set your filter to automatically reply to these spammers to let them know that they’re not getting through.

So if you’re technically minded and you know what Git is, fork this.

If you have no idea what Git is, and just want access to the list so you can stick it in Gmail, you can grab it here.

The list is currently made up of just those recruiters who have managed to work out my email address in the past year or so.