Channel 4 caused the recession

Dear Channel 4, You are responsible for the recession. If it wasn’t for your constant barrage of shit like Property Ladder, Location Location Location, Relocation Relocation, The Price Of Property, A Place In The Sun and the ridiculously titled A Place In The Sun: Home or Away?, then the banks wouldn’t have been handing out mortgages to any dribbling, money grabbing, mouth breathing, wannabe property tycoon that can hold a paintbrush in one hand and a TV remote in the other.

And you continue to add insult to injury with your new property related guff, The Home Show, a program telling people how to make the most of the unsellable white elephant that you told them to sink their life savings into just 3 months ago. Show some fucking contrition, apologise to the nation for this recession and have a go at making a TV show that’s not about property. And is also not Big fucking Brother. Don’t even get me started on that lowest common denominator shit you public service remit shirking bastards.

Regards, Andy