Remember when you said you'd never buy a Renault?

Well, I don't remember saying that, but if you're sure that I did then OK. I wonder why they think I said that, maybe everyone says it. Why would everyone say that? Maybe Renaults are poorly made or something. Maybe Renaults are so badly made that they explode killing the occupants when involved in minor accidents. Or maybe Renault is a really racist company and Renault hates all black people. That would be a good reason for people to say they'd never buy a Renault. Yeah, maybe Renault give 50% of their profits to the Ku Klux Klan. Or maybe Renaults are tested on animals. Or maybe Renault use sweatshops to build their cars and every Renault built costs a child labourer their life. Yeah, I reckon that's what it must be. Thank goodness I saw this advert and they told me that everyone says not to buy a Renault, now I can never buy a Renault too.