Daily Mail Safety Net

You know that feeling you get when you accidentally click on a link to an article on the Daily Mail website? You know that red mist that descends when you see that sidebar full of pictures ridiculing celebrities for having cellulite or being overweight? You know how your blood pressure goes through the roof when you accidentally read one of the comments? Well, here's a safety net for your browser. It's a Safari extension which will automatically pass any Daily Mail page you accidentally visit to Instapaper's page cleaner, which removes the sidebar and the comments and the adverts and a bunch of other distracting page cruft.
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The future of Nokia

Here’s an interesting article from Michael Gartenberg about the future of Nokia. He touches on some of the things that I talked about in a previous post but completely misses out the experience of using a modern Nokia phone which I still believe is their biggest failing. There’s no point in producing great hardware if the actual experience of using that hardware is poor due to creaky operating systems. Just look at HTC’s Windows Mobile phones.
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Free UX tip

Testing out Linkup.com’s new service I got a slightly unexpected error message; “We couldn’t understand the location london that you provided.” While I don’t mind that it didn’t understand the word London, it is a shame that it doesn’t offer the user any options that may make their search work. Here it should be trying to help the user, rather than simply telling them that it doesn’t understand. “Did you mean…” followed by a list of linked words similar to the search term helps to catch misspellings.
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