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Glitchy panoramic photo of shop fronts

While on a recent trip to Madrid spending a lot of time in taxis, I discovered that the motion detection in the iOS 6 camera panorama mode can be tricked by pointing your iPhone out the window of a moving car with some pretty interesting results. Stuff that’s far away tends to hold together fairly sensibly, but anything closer to the camera gets chopped up in crazy ways.

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Mobile Metrics

AdMob have announced their Mobile Metrics report [PDF] for 2009 and it makes for some pretty interesting reading. The unstoppable rise of the iPhone OS is to be expected, but it’s nice to see this graph showing change over the last 6 months shows the 3 innovative operating systems all on the rise and everyone else in decline. Image credit to AdMob of course A couple of points worth noting… the fact that Windows Mobile’s share has now reached a level with Palm’s webOS and given their current trajectories is actually probably already behind.
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iTunes UIWTF

With every release the iTunes UI seems to get worse. This morning I attempted the seemingly simple task of copying a video from my Mac to my iPhone. Firstly, I need to drag the video to iTunes which then creates a duplicate copy of the video on my hard drive for no apparent reason. The video then shows up in iTunes, so I attempt to click and drag it to my iPhone.
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